credits: C.Pop

credits: C.Pop

Alex Rosca

b. 1983, Bucharest, Romania

Graduated the University of Bucharest (2006) with a degree in Communication, Public Relations and Advertising.

Working in advertising since 2006. (It's shit.)

Currently earning a living as a copywriter, writing stuff for others, (that nobody cares about).

Previous co-owner of two commercial photography studios. Quit that.

Kept doing only my own stuff, my own projects. Artsy stuff for nobody in particular, but especially for me.

Shooting film & writing stuff for myself (that will probably never get published).

My photography (also my writing) is tedious and lazy as fuck. It’s a result of dreaming or 'seeing' a composition, imagining twisted & bizarre scenes. I’m rarely able to follow patterns or pre-imposed themes, nor am I able to focus and stay on topic. No rules, no boundaries. Just my own. Shooting only if I feel like it. Rarely following a long-term project or a series. Impatient. Getting bored fast. Experimenting.

Believing in and building my aesthetics around CENESTHOPATHY: " 1). A general, undifferentiated impression resulting from the totality of sensations received from internal organs. A sensitivity, an awareness to one’s own physical existence. A vague sensation about one’s own internal organs. 2). A sensory reaction towards a fact of life, a work of art etc.”

Shooting in digital because it's fast, because I can't wait for the result (and this is shitty), but mostly shooting film.

I also have a dusty blog (RO only).